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M-Chem’s longstanding commitment to the environment extends to its facilities, products and processes – from minimizing waste to maximizing use of recycled materials. In addition, the focus of its research and development efforts is to formulate ecologically sustainable products and systems.
M-Chem Solutions LLC offers resource tools to help design and specification professionals save time when specifying concrete construction materials and systems.
M-Chem Solutions LLC is a proud innovator of environmentally responsible solutions and a manufacturer of more than 50 LEED-compliant products, the industry’s largest selection of ecofriendly products.
In 1998, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) introduced the first standard of the LEED Green Building Rating System as a guide for the design and construction of sustainable buildings. Building owners seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as an added advantage to offer to potential building occupants.
A recent study from the American Institute of Architects reveals that 14% of U.S. cities with populations greater than 50,000 already have green building programs, with plenty more cities developing programs as well. More and more building owners, developers, and local and state municipalities are adopting sustainable building practices not only as a responsible way of doing business, but also as today’s construction standard. Why? Sustainable buildings result in significantly reduced energy and operational costs, enhanced asset and resale values, and tremendous occupant satisfaction through smarter, healthier, ecologically conscious design.
M-Chem’s longstanding commitment to green building is multifaceted – extending to its products, processes, plants and professionals – and includes everything from minimizing waste to maximizing use of recycled materials. Because LEED provides the roadmap to sustainable building M-Chem Solutions LLC continues to manufacture LEED-compliant products and systems that meet the construction industry’s needs, while providing easily accessible support and proper documentation necessary for contractors to contribute to LEED projects.

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